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New album for 2022: The new album will be released in November 2022. CD's and downloads of the album can be purchased via Bandcamp.

Twinfest July 2022: This years Twinfest was like previous years, an absolute blast. Great bands from the UK (Northampton), Germany (Marburg) and France (Poitiers).

New Mixes August 2006:
Two songs from the 'Coming Up For Air' CD have undergone a makeover. With production/mixing from producer Andy Denton. Available to purchase - see the 'Buy' section.

Marburg March 2006: As usual the hospitaility was outstanding, as was the music.

Recording December 2004: 'Coming Up For Air' finished. Five tracks which capture a moment in time.


Willard and his Bowling Tophies, Richard Brautigan

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